How to find Norton product after upgrading Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system that is utilized by the users around the world. It is widely used for its efficient features, developed technical tools, and a number of productive applications. All the applications are made as per various personal and business requirements. To meet customers’ end, Microsoft provides latest Windows up-gradations.


Microsoft offers Windows operating system up-gradation from time to time to keep the system of the users upgraded and updated with the latest version. Once you start running upgraded version of Windows on your system, now, you need to keep that software virus and threat free. To make your system software threat-free you need to install and activate a latest version of Norton. Norton antivirus is well-known anti-malware software that fixes viruses, malware and other online as well as offline threats from the system & handheld devices.

If you have already installed Norton Security solution in your system, and now you want to update that as well. You just need to open your Norton Product and update that. In case you are not able to find your Norton Product in your system then you just need to follow some simple steps to find your Norton Security Product in your system.

Step 1: First download the Norton’s fix tool to resolve this issue.

Step 2: Now, Right-click on the exe.file.

Step 3: Click Run as Administrator.

Now a window will appear on the screen that shows the message that an updated “Norton Antivirus is about to be installed”

Step 4: now, to install updated Norton product follow the on-screen instructions after clicking “Next”.

In case the update window won’t appear on the screen, visit Norton account to install the antivirus.

How to install Norton antivirus from the official account?

Step 1: Visit and download the Norton product.

Step 2: First enter your account login details.

Step 3: Select Agree & Download the product.

After downloading the Norton product, the user now needs to launch the antivirus. To launch the Norton product the user need to track some simple steps.

The user needs to download Remove and Reinstall tool to launch Norton product. If the user is using Norton Family product, then first uninstall the program before downloading this tool.

Step 1: Select the tool’s icon twice

Step 2: Now, agree to the license terms and conditions.

Step 3: Select Remove & Reinstall option and click Continue.

Step 4: Select the Restart option to complete the uninstall process.

Step 5: Now, restart your system to reinstall the Norton product

Step 6: Track the on-screen instructions to reinstall and launch the Norton antivirus.

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