How to Fix License Revoked Error of Norton Product?

Norton product provides a supreme level of protection to multiple devices with a single subscription. Sharing the compatibility with Windows-based operating systems, Macintosh devices, and Androids, the antivirus software not only secures your personal data but also the potential power of the electronic device you are using. Although you need to have a subscription if you want to access high-end features and if you are already a subscribed user, you need to stay updated.

Install the Norton setup on your device and secure your data and device from various cyber and virus risks. If your Norton product is activated, you can enjoy numbers of features as mentioned below:

  • Guards against ransom ware, spyware, viruses, malware, cyber risks and other online threats
  • The automated silent updates assure you so you can have the latest protection
  • Easy upgrade choices for supplementary protection as your needs grow
  • Security powered by one of the world’s largest threat monitoring networks
  • Industry-leading security measures at a cost-effective package

However, in many cases, when a user attempts to activate the product, the encounter errors related to product key or license.

The error pops-up when your product needs to be managed or might need to disable some of the services to eliminate the License Key Error. This Norton error message appears when the installation of the software on your computer or Smartphone has been disabled because of the product key. The reason for this error could be the Norton product key that has expired, the subscription data has exceeded, or maybe you are entering a wrong product key.

By disabling the installation of your Norton product and your account will allow the use of the installation of the same security product on another device.

If you disable the installation accidentally on your device, you will need to download and install Norton again with an active subscription. Once you purchase the product, you will have a Norton Product key that will be required at the time of activation.



Causes for the revoked License or Norton Product key:

In such a case, it is reported that your product is stolen and Symantec (the software organization) has taken actions to block further use of the Norton product key. This step is to restrict the illegal use of Norton products and to prevent or stop criminals and hackers from spreading fraudulently received product keys.

Pay attention that the Norton setup and the product keys that have been stolen or fraudulently received mostly finish up for sale on unapproved third-party websites and auction sites that give them as legitimate value, when in fact they are not.

Steps to fix the error of the Norton Product’s License Revoked:

  1. Visit and log In to your Norton account
  • In case you don’t have an account on the mentioned page or link, click on create account available right next to the log in button
  • Enter all the necessary details and continue to complete the sign up process
  1. After you log in to your account, check for your product details and if it has reached the expiry date, renew the subscription
  2. Or else, request for another Norton product
  3. To purchase new security product, click on the product option available on the top menu bar of your profile
  4. Select your product and click on ‘Buy now’ button
  5. You will be prompted to the payment page, enter your credentials and make payment
  6. You will now receive a new product key and you can use this key to activate the product you purchased

Since you have purchased a new product key, you need to download and install the product. Make sure you keep the product key safe in order to eliminate the error revoking of the license.

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